přenos otisků stěn na PVC fólie 2011 - 2012

Project: Whales, experimental prints on plastic sheets

My work tends to develop during time and in a sense collects and records the passing of time.

At first I draw on walls and then I make a copy of it using transparent sellotape. I create monotype prints, which I glue on a plastic sheet. Some bits of wall end up in the spase between the sellotape and plastic sheet when I lift the latter up. What inspires me are cracks in walls, on and around which I draw with pencil and also outdoor space overgrown with green weeds. I also use metal brushes or my fingers on some dusted areas to create a drawing of whales. I enclose marks and traces into see-trough microclimates.

I record echo-sounds of: drawings on the walls, the unwinding sellotape, marks from tearing with my teeth and air-bubbles creating by my manipulation with the object. With that I get sound track of the place where the item was created. I don't print all of my drawings. I record the process on the video recorder or to take a pictures at the end. Sometimes I work in public spaces.

My iam is not to reach a perfect print but to experience a spontaneous process of creation. All of my work is single and unique piece of art. 

I collect plastic which is prepaired for recycling. For my work on the side I think this is the perfect material.

I never demage any solid wall.

I could compare compare the process of the print to a pressure bellow the sea. I have my own stories of whales which I will to see in Taiwan, but did not have so such luck.