what means gauze print


    Before I used to aerate walls in the street. The theme of found plastic sheeting and the search for whales was coming to an end. The last picture to originate in this series was the gauze-prints called "Tree Stomachs". My work aamong restorers and the transfer of frescos had an influence on me, I, too, made use of gauze and water-soluble glues, adding slaked lime and pigments.

    I began to create gauze-prints in the Czec Republic at the beginning of the autumn of 2012. Ouside, the temperature was sinking and the winter was coming on. Similarly as in the "Whales Project" I choose to use walls as a printing matrix, but in this case they were inside the studio. A studio with south-facing windows. I observed changing weather, sunsets,the days slowly getting shorter, an autumn storm, clouds. My studio seemed a glasshouse. Clouds were a sourse of associations, but at the same time I registred the moment itself. Weather forecasts contain, as a matter of fact, information about the movement of water. The weather influences our mood.

    At the beginning  of these works is drawing and also painting. Out of the combination of these two mediums there arises a monotyp, an inprint,   a folio.  First, I create some sgraffiti or paint a fresco on a wet base consisting of slaked lime. From pigments and water I mix up colors and use a  hot air pistol on them or lay samples of these colors on the heating. The shade of mixed color rapidly lightens.

    In entretains me to day dream, looking out of the window at the sky and shifting my points of view on those flecked windows in which I see strories.

    To be honest, I missed the winter. I have four matrices - walls and ceiling. I climp up to it on a ladder and take imprints with the help of gauze.

    Over the winter I keep evergreen plantsin the studio and perceive them as being part of the creative process. Palm, avocado, lemon tree. In one of the gauze-prints there are a bean-stalk's dried leaves.

    So there come into being delicate imprints and also assemblages of detached layers of plaster. Together these present a colorful scale of hues, brush marks, drawing.